President - McKenzie Jones

After growing up in the northeast, McKenzie has spent the past decade attempting to grow food in the desert southwest. As manager of the City of Flagstaff's food policy programs, McKenzie provides logistical guidance, policy support, and educational outreach for the City’s sustainable food system efforts. She draws on her background in environmental policy and non-profit development to engage City residents and employees in community sustainability efforts. McKenzie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government and Law from Lafayette College and a Master of Arts in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University. McKenzie also serves on the University of Arizona Coconino County Cooperative Extension Advisory Board.

Vice President - Rosemary Logan

Rosemary first came to Flagstaff in 1997 to take a summer field ethnobotany class. From the moment she first saw the peaks rising up behind the painted desert she knew she wanted to make this place her home. Her first employment was as an intern and then a gardener at the Arboretum at Flagstaff, which led her to other work with plants including working one summer as a gardener at Willowbend/Sawmill Park. Her equal passion for teaching led her later to work at the Museum of Northern Arizona where she was responsible for overseeing the Colton Garden and Youth Garden Program. She first joined Flagstaff Foodlink as a board member in 2006 and was involved with school gardens and garden curriculum development.  She left the board formally in 2009 after the birth of her daughter to begin her PhD work in Education for Sustainability. Four years later she was hired full-time to teach classes focused on school and community gardens and sustainable living for the First Year Seminar ARTs (Action Research Teams) Program at NAU. Rosemary is passionate about growing, sharing eating and preserving food; growing community, teaching, backpacking and being with her family. 

Secretary - Cara Corbin

Cara grew up in the Ozarks and came to appreciate local agriculture at a young age through blueberry picking. She went on to work on farms and farmers’ markets across the United States and Portugal. Cara has a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas and a M.A. in Sustainable Communities from Northern Arizona University. She has been advocating for sustainable food systems and policies for the past two decades. Most recently Cara has become the Northern Arizona Director for Local First Arizona, where she works with businesses and small farms to strengthen the local economy.

Treasurer - Genevieve Perkins

Genevieve is passionate about supporting local and sustainable food communities, and is particularly focused on helping sustainable businesses thrive. Genevieve has directed the Flagstaff CSA & Local Market since 2015. She first became interested in food systems while obtaining her undergraduate degree in Ecology with a minor in Environmental Studies from University of California, Santa Cruz. She learnedbusiness and operations management through her years at Bonny Doon Vineyard, a winery specializing in organic and biodynamic practices. Genevieve is thrilled to join Foodlink as a board member, bringing her skills and passions to the Flagstaff community.

Board Member - Liz Krug

Liz is very interested in how people connect to the land and establish a sense of place, primarily through our food system. She believes the act of growing food and connecting with one another makes our community stronger, whether that's through community gardening, food and resiliency workshops, or having celebrations around food.  Growing up on a farm has contributed to her interest in how people perceive and value land, as has working in the parks and recreation field for many years. Liz enjoys volunteering with Flagstaff Foodlink and working with the many passionate people who are making the agriculture and food system in northern Arizona stronger and more vibrant. 

Board Member - Joshua Chance

Josh grew up moving around the United States and in 2011 landed in Flagstaff to attend NAU. He received his undergraduate degree in Parks and Recreation Management and went on to complete an internship with several school garden programs in Hawaii. After his internship he was introduced to regenerative small scale farming while caretaking a school farm on the Big Island. He fell in love with the idea making a living growing food for the community and after traveling with his wife and working on other farms for a year they decided to move back to Flagstaff and start up Roots Micro Farm. He currently runs the farm, and works with school garden programs through the Terra BIRDS. Josh is passionate about building food sovereignty, and teaching/learning valuable lessons through gardening. Aside from growing, he enjoys biking, backpacking, cooking, and traveling. He is excited to begin helping with Flagstaff Foodink's mission to make healthy food accessible to the community as a whole.

Board Member - Dylan Lenzen

Since an environmental justice mission trip to Hawaii in high school, Dylan has been interested in the relationship between local food systems, the people participating in them, and the environment sustaining it. He came to Flagstaff to complete an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science and works as a Zero Waste Coordinator for the City of Flagstaff, where he has initiated efforts to reduce the amount of wasted food and impacts associated with growing, transporting, and distributing food that never makes it to our forks. Dylan is excited to be a part of the Foodlink team and support efforts to make Flagstaff's food system sustainable and equitable. 

Board Member - Ashley Milligan

Over the past decade, Ashley has realized the power of food by seeing firsthand how deeply connected it is to people, the environment, and culture. Through her hands-on experience running a small farm in rural Arkansas, to obtaining her degrees in interdisciplinary food studies, and facilitating experiential education courses in Central America, Ashley has focused her energy into promoting sustainable food systems in the U.S. and abroad. Ashley has been a part of the Flagstaff community since 2015 and is excited to advocate for a food culture in Flagstaff that is nourishing, delicious, and accessible to all. Ashley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology & Interdisciplinary Food Studies from the University of Redlands and a Master of Arts in Environment, Development, and Peace with a specialization in Sustainable Food Systems from the United Nations mandated University for Peace.

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